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Customer Service!

Customer service is Concord Built Australia’s number one priority when it comes to building their customers projects.

Concord Built Australia (CBA) is a customer focused Construction Company based in Queensland. Having a diverse repertoire of construction markets they work in, ranging from industrial, refurbishment of airports to hospitality and office spaces, CBA looks to not just deliver a product but provide the customer service that builds long lasting relationships with all their clients.

The Problem

While CBA delivers the customer service that provides a positive experience to their clients, they also look to provide a positive experience for their employees. This is why CBA looked to get the right project management and accounting software. Starting out with a basic accounting program and Excel, their projects quickly outgrew the processes at the time. Trying various accounting and project management programs CBA was not able to find the right fit for their business being all about numbers and not enough information about service.

The Transition

Not being able to find the right software lead Director, Greg O’Sullivan, placed their General Manager, James Loveday, in charge of finding the right software that will meet their business needs. Taking on a new hire they were given the recommendation to use Xero for their accounting software due to the ease and usability. Having Xero was half of the problem solved, which left their project management software. James Loveday returned Greg with 5 options and after researching and speaking to all options Procore was the standout option due to customer service and wide variety of tools that came with Procore. The standout feature being the tracking of all facets of projects.

The Solution

Having both a financial system and a project management system Greg wanted the easiest possible transition and process in place to get both systems to talk to each other. Greg stated that “Procore couldn’t recommend Interfy enough” which led CBA to picking Interfy’s OneCore system to provide the real time integration between Procore and Xero. Interfy’s OneCore was able to provide the finishing touches to complete CBA’s internal business needs and provided many more features that Greg and his team found very useful.


The main feature of OneCore that interested Greg and James was the real time integration of invoices and bills which meant there was no double handling and no chance of a mistake being made from the invoice or bill being created in both systems. As a bonus CBA was also able to utilize the access levels across both Procore and Xero better with the integration. This has allowed for better budgeting for projects and assists in reducing unnecessary costs. As a well-established company Greg knows that CBA will be able to utilize all the various features that OneCore has to offer.


CBA looked to take on Procore and OneCore during a trying time for all businesses. What Greg found to be outstanding was the understanding and flexibility that Interfy’s sales staff had in invoicing options. During CBA’s early stages Interfy’s support staff was there to provide all information and assistance in getting CBA setup and using the integration successfully.


Customer service is CBA’s number one priority when it comes to building their customers projects. When picking the right systems to provide this to their customers they were glad the transition was a smooth process. Going through all avenues on setup and delivery of software Greg was happy to find the customer service they were provided was great and refreshing to see that they too were able to receive the same level of customer service that they provide.

Concord Built Australia is a Queensland based Diverse Construction Company. They deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions in a variety of markets including industrial and commercial construction, water, aged care, education, hospitality, insurance interior fit- outs, renovations and refurbishments for airports, clubs, pubs, hospitals, retail centres, office spaces, Council upgrades, factories and residential buildings. At Concord Built Australia they focus on building successful long-term relationships. They deliver building solutions that result in better outcomes for their clients. They make building, renovation and maintenance a positive experience for their clients.Concord Built Australia believes that your project is their reputation.


Morningside, Queensland

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