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$2 Billion

Completed projects since starting operations

Project Coordination is one of Australia’s largest privately owned mid-tier construction and management companies that has been operating since 1975. Having the flexibility working in both commercial and residential construction areas, Project Coordination has been able to complete over $2 billion of projects since starting operations. Having such a large project base and continuous flow of invoicing they needed to have the right accounting software that will suite their needs. Trying various systems for both project management and financials, Project Coordination had a clear choice of Procore in 2018 followed by picking Xero in July of 2020.

The Change

When starting with Xero the financial team was looking to make work as streamlined as possible. Speaking with Procore about the switch to Xero, Procore highly recommended their partnership with Interfy and their OneCore system to integrate Procore and their financials. After a demonstration of OneCore by Interfy’s professional team it was the clear option to go ahead with the integration. Candice, Project Coordination’s Financial Manager, has found since switching to Xero and using Interfy’s OneCore a much smoother work process than its previously used financial system.

The Experience

Candice has found OneCore to be very beneficial in the workplace as it saves everyone valuable work hours. The most beneficial time saver for Project Coordination using OneCore was the real-time integration of bills and invoices between Procore and Xero eliminating the need to enter data twice. Candice has found OneCore to be particularly beneficial being a part of a financial department as it has allowed much more time to be spent on other tasks that arise instead of doubling up on data entry.
Interfy’s OneCore, like any new software, has a learning curve that customers must take on. Candice, however, has found the learning curve to be easy due to the assistance of Interfy’s support staff and their easy-to-understand transfer of knowledge. The experience of easily getting in contact over the phone and the freedom to explore answers herself, through various help articles, left Candice confident that Project Coordination’s needs from OneCore were achieved. The customer service experience given to Candice and her peers has been nothing but professional and timely, having all queries resolved quickly, with that extra level of customer service that Candice describes as “speaking to a good friend.”
Like Project Coordination, Interfy looks to meet the needs and expectations of its customers which leads Interfy to have dedicated developers to improve OneCore and add new features that are beneficial to businesses in some way. The feature add-ins are particularly beneficial to Project Coordination due to multiple departments making use off OneCore in different ways, meaning the new features introduced have a benefit to at least one department if not all departments. As features are introduced in OneCore to make it bigger and better, Interfy always takes feedback from its customers on what future features can be, which Candice finds to be a great asset as not just frontline support workers listen, but the back-end employees listen too to bring the OneCore to its best version.


Interfy’s OneCore system has been an asset to Project Coordination’s business since its move to Xero. With a seamless integration between Procore and Xero Candice’s experience of using OneCore has been exceptional compared to using Project Coordination’s previous financial system that did not have an integration. As Candice states “OneCore is very straight forward” in terms of what it does for Project Coordination and being easy to use for all staff within the business. With continuous improvement updates and add-ins occurring on OneCore the changes have only been beneficial for Project Coordination’s staff as each change adds value to at least one of its departments if not all. Overall, since deciding to take on OneCore and use it to integrate Procore and Xero together the quality of life for Project Coordination has improved.

Project Coordination was founded in the ACT in 1975 and has since expanded with an office in Wollongong that services New South Wales. The Company’s principal activities involve the construction and/or refurbishment of quality commercial, retail, institutional, health, residential and educational buildings for both the public and private sector.


Unanderra, New South Wales

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